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Fay Teplitsky



I am currently a student at NYIT pursueing  the Accounting CPA track. 

I am an ENTJ. I like to work with others. I have a wide-range of interests from crafting to learning about management /herbology/ science topics/etc. 



In my 3 finished years of college I have accomplished more than what I ever thought I could have. I have published a paper in a reputable journal in my focused industry, presented at an internation business research conference and was just about the youngest person there, Won a consulting/marketing challenge, participate in an international workshop where i got to meet teams from 12 different countries and more. 

 I have been very involved within my school as a student ambassador, represent the school at many events,part of numerous clubs, mentor students, presented at orientations, lead Professional enrichment talks, Passion Project/dreamlab


On this website you will be able to learn more about these topics and more! 

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